How to use Sales Studio to run cohort analysis on your sales pipeline

1. Setup an account at

To access Sales Studio, you'll need to first setup an account and subscribe to a plan.

2. Integrate your CRM

After setting up an account, select the CRM you'd like to connect. Follow the prompts once you're transferred to the CRM's integration setup. It should take a few minutes to do so.

After setting up your account, you can then choose a CRM to connect.

3. Setup your cohort analysis

Select pipeline

Here, you can select which pipeline in your CRM you'd like to import. For instance, you may have a standard 'Sales Pipeline', but may also have 'Outbound pipeline', 'Inbound', etc.

Map Properties

You'll be prompted to "Choose your 'Start Point' (Deal Create Date) to group your sales and select your 'Milestone' (Deal Close Date) to track their progress over time."

Generally, we recommend using the default Create Date and Close Date associated with your deals. However, if you have a custom pipeline and deal configuration in your CRM, this will enable you to set it up appropriately. For instance, you may have a few pipeline columns for 'pre-qualification' before it actually becomes an opportunity, and you only want to track progression once a deal becomes an opportunity. Therefore, you can use the 'Date Entered-column-name' field instead. This also works for the close date, where you may have a custom column to represent the deal close date.

Select Properties

Later when diving into your cohort analysis, you may want to use the fields associated with a deal, contact, or company, to make more in-depth comparisons and 'split-funnel analysis'.

So at this step, you can select the types of properties you'd like us to import for you, and therefore make available for you at later stage.

For instance, in the screenshot below you can see how we're looking at all deals created in April 2023, but comparing 'Original Source Type', a property attached to the deal by default. Then, we can see the conversion-rate variances between each source type, and how it evolves over time differently.

4. Start Import

Click 'Start import' to begin importing. You'll be able to track progress as we run an analysis on your CRM deals.

5. Begin your cohort analysis

See the interactive demo walkthrough below to see how to interact with the cohort analysis Sales Studio provides.

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