Cohort-Analysis for B2B sales pipelines

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"What can we learn from historic conversion patterns?"

See why different groups of deals progress through your pipeline differently.

"How do improve pipeline efficiency?"

Run split-funnel analysis to give your marketing team a 3d-view of how deals progress over time.

"Why are we missing our quota goals?"

Cohort-based forecasting considers historic patterns and segment-specific variations, leading to more accurate and actionable insights.

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Why pro SalesOps
use cohort-analysis

Performance Tracking and Trend Analysis

Uncover conversion trends that matter

By segmenting deals into cohorts—like start date, industry, or location—sales teams can pinpoint trends and performance shifts over time. This approach highlights standout cohorts, gauges seasonal impacts, and reveals how strategic or market changes affect sales, historically, today, and in the future.

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